Sunday, August 28, 2016

I've got to remember FAIL really does mean First Attempt In Learning

So this week has been fantastic as far as first weeks go.  My students are lovely, and I know this is going to be a year full of enrichment and challenge.  As I mentioned in my last post, I went whole hog on the concept of flexible seating.  It was marvelous with the exception of a few tweeks I had to make.

I'm an Arkansas girl, so I love me some Walmart, but only in Arkansas.  When you are a teacher on a budget though, sometimes you just have to swallow that bitter pill and make your way to the local neighborhood Walmart.  Lucky for me, I found these amazing backrest pillows in the perfect shade of teal.  I quickly snapped up three of them along with two Big Joe bean bag chairs, and I knew I was ready for the first day of school.

Fast forward three days, and I'm lugging my three perfect teal backrest pillows and two Big Joe bean bag chairs back to my local Walmart with a screaming six year old in tow.  The backrest pillows all busted and the bean bag chairs had deflated.  Was this a foreshadowing of how my year is going to be? No, no way. It was simply a FAIL.  Receipts in pocket, cart overflowing with returned flexible seating, and the search for better seating began again.  EUREKA - Teal and gray fluffy butterfly chairs!

Fast forward to Friday, and the new Butterfly chairs are up with reinforced cross bars and no stuffing or beans in sight, I'm ready for the kids again.  Lucky for me, the new chairs were a hit, and our flexible seating utopia was again in balance.

For all the would be flexers out there....try anything and everything and don't be afraid to FAIL. Remember, you aren't a're just on a learning curve.

Peace and Flexible Seats,

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