Saturday, August 13, 2016

How it began.

Three girls hop in a car and head to a science conference. Two are besties, one is a newbie, but all are passionate beyond belief about education, learning, kids and life.

Over the course of the next three days these girls bond. Become like sisters, but more magical. These girls realize that they are unicorns.

What is a unicorn you might ask. Hello? Unicorns are magical, mythical beasts. Elusive. Beautiful. Powerful.

I see you are still confused because of the education part. I'll explain that piece. There are unicorns in the education world--magical, almost mythical educators who are willing to put everything on the line to make the world a more sparkly and fabulous place. Who see the potential in kids. Who see the potential in learning. Who don't believe in the status quo and won't stop learning, and changing, and pushing others to learn and change too. 

Perhaps you are a unicorn in education. Perhaps you have seen one in action. Perhaps you have been taught by one, and still sparkle a little bit from the experience. It's an amazing experience.

These girls don't think that they are perfect, in fact, quite the opposite. They are always striving to be better, to learn more, to teach more, to reach students and colleagues in ways that will inspire them to be unicorns too. 

This blog is to share their journey. Their successes, and failures. 

Shield your eyes and hop on the glitter train. Things are about to get sparkly. 




  1. Replies
    1. You are a unicorn. How else could I be a unicorn?

  2. I am not a unicorn, but I believe in hard work. I teach from both my heart and my brain. I yearn to know more but I honor the truths of research and pedagogy. I am no unicorn but a teacher.
    I value all who teach-the same or different-just as I value each student.

    1. Hoping for some skippyjohn jones guest posts this year!