Saturday, October 8, 2016

Unicorn Sightings

I've not even been in my newest role for 6 months yet, and I already know that there are parts that I adore and parts that I abide. Actually, I mostly adore all the parts, so maybe it is more like an adoration scale. One of the absolute best parts is meeting new unicorns, an 11 on the dial that goes to 10.

My role takes me to many different campuses and allows me to interact with many different people. I've found that the folks who call on us to offer them learnings opportunities are usually the types of teachers and administrators that are change makers. They aren't happy with the status quo, and they are searching for a way to make education better. Maybe they don't have a vision yet, but they have a gut feeling, and that prompts them to want to learn more and do something differently. I adore working with these people. I always leave meetings energized and ready to tackle the world.

There is a second grade teacher who wants to integrate technology to help her students collaborate more effectively. A third grade teacher who wants to go blended to meet the needs of all of her learners. A third grade teacher across the district who wants to flip her lessons to help make the most of every minute she has with her learners. High school teachers who want to find a way to effectively communicate with and reach their students to help them dive deeper into their subjects. Teachers searching for ways to empower their students to own their own learning, to question their knowledge, to be aware of their thinking and where it can take them.

Sometimes I get to bring these amazing teachers together and watch the magic that happens. Sometimes small scale, like at a happy hour where baby unicorns frolic while grown up unicorns share ideas and learning. Or larger scale, like at #EdcampSB, where the energy was a physical part of the space.

Sometimes I happen upon a unicorn in the wild, and I wonder how to capture it so I can bring it into the herd. We are always looking for more unicorns.

Education is a hot mess. Honestly though, what isn't? Yes, there are some spaces that are dark and scary, much like Xena and I witnessed, but there are glitter and rainbows too. I'm thrilled to be a person that gets to help others learn to spread their glitter and rainbows. I love helping others capitalize on their ideas. I always get credit from these folks, like I'm the magic, but I know better. I know they are the magic, and I just happen to be a conduit to make the magic a little more fruitful.

Keep making magic unicorns!



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